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Frequently Asked Questions

Where/who can I contact for community service; how can I find out how many hours

The Tribal Court and Prosecutor’s Office has a Resource Coordinator. Among other responsibilities, the coordinator works with people who are completing their community service hours. The coordinator can be reached at 520-879-6290.

What can I do if my child isn’t going to school/who to contact

The Tribe has program through the Yaqui Education Services, in conjunction with the Prosecutor’s Office. The program is called the Attendance Achievement Program, and assists families in Truancy Prevention.

Who do I talk to about a plea? How can I find out who my prosecutor is?

You will need your court case number or police report number. Call the main line at 520-879-6251, and the receptionist can put you in touch with the assigned prosecutor.

How can I get a copy of a police report

Requests for police reports and other public records can be made by downloading a Public Records Request Form, located [here]. Fill it out and email or return it to the receptionist at the Prosecutor’s Office. You will be notified when the records are ready for pick-up and the cost. When the records are ready, come to the Prosecutor’s Office, present your ID and have the cash or money order for payment.

Is there a notary available? What is the cost

There are notaries available for signing services within the Prosecutor’s office. You may go to the reception window at the Prosecutors’ Office. There is a nominal fee.

Where do I get information about guardianship

Contact the Tribal Court Clerk for documents at 520.879.6276.

Where do I file a complaint about the police/prosecutor’s office

Call the main number to the Prosecutor’s Office at 520-879-6251 or the Police Department at 520-879-5500.

I (or friend/family) am a victim of a crime – where can I get help

Contact any victim advocate, either with the Police Department or the Prosecutor’s Office.

Where can I find the criminal code? Video of the code?

Copy of the code: Download PDF File

Video of explanation:

How can I report information about a crime without anyone knowing?

Click here to learn how to leave a tip with 88-Crime.

What do I do if I get a subpoena?

A subpoena is a legal document ordering you to appear in court. If you receive a supoena, you should call the Prosecutors Office at, 520-879-6251 to see whether the hearing is still scheduled. You may also call the Tribal Court at 520-879-6276.

I got called for jury duty, now what

If you are called for jury duty, you must appear. During jury selection, a process of voir dire takes place. The Judge may initially make a brief statement explaining the nature of the case to be tried and asking whether individual potential jurors cannot serve. The attorneys in the case may also ask questions to determine if anyone has a bias or cannot be fair on a particular case.

For more information, contact the Tribal court at 520-879-6276.

How do I get an order of protection?

An order of protection is a court order issued to stop a person from committing domestic or family violence or from contacting people protected by the order. If you or a family member has been or may become a victim of domestic or family violence, you may submit a petition to the court to issue an order of protection. Once the petition is filed, you will be seen by a Tribal Court Judge.

If the Judge grants the order, the Defendant, person who the order is against, must be served before the order becomes effective. Once the Order of Protection is served, it remains in effect for 12 months. The Defendant may contest the order of protection and ask a Judge to modify or dismiss it.

A Victim Advocate can assist with filing the documents for an Order of Protection or Restraining Order and can be reached at 520-879-5500, or by calling the prosecutor’s office at 520-879-6251.

Any other questions, please call the Tribal Court at 520-879-6276.